How does the beta test work?

Just download the beta version from the homepage and start using it. Tablecruncher will be in Viewer mode without a valid license. To be able to save, export and copy data just enter the license credentials for the beta version you'll also find on the homepage just below the download button. Please enter these credentials after clicking "File > Enter License ...".

When does the beta version expire?

All current beta versions will expire on June 30th, 2019.

How much will Tablecruncher cost?

We're still in beta, so pricing isn't fixed yet. You can be sure though that the cost per license will be very reasonable. There also won't be a subscription model. We'll sell classical licenses that are valid perpetually and include updates even for major releases from within 12 months of purchase date. The Viewer mode, however, will be free forever and can be used without any license credentials.

Can you send me a message when Tablecruncher is leaving its beta status?

Just subscribe to out newsletter and you'll get a message as soon as 1.0 is released.

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