Tablecruncher Roadmap 2019

Published: May 15 2019 — Updated: Jun 8 2019

The Mac lacks a powerful CSV editor, I thought several years ago. So I started writing one as a side project, just for my own needs. I had a working version in 2016 and started to improve it step by step. In 2017 I decided to publish this CSV editor named Tablecruncher as a public beta version. Now, one and a half years and more than 7000 downloads later it’s time to publish a roadmap for what I have planned for Tablecruncher this year.

The eighth public beta version – 0.9.8 – has just been published. This version was a major milestone on the way to ship version 1.0 in June. I got a lot of invaluable feedback from beta users and tried to implement as many of the recommendations as possible.

The main features that are on my roadmap as soon as I’ve succeeded to ship 1.0:

  • An easier method to edit cells with long and multiline text
  • Automatically resize cells based on their content
  • Several data cleansing methods such as transform different number or date formats
  • Expand the Macro API
  • Use Regular Expressions for Find and Replace
  • Add support for additional encodings like Latin-9 or SHIFT_JIS
  • Flag rows containing duplicate cells
  • Add support for CSVY and CSVT
  • Export to JSONL, SQL INSERT statements and Markdown
  • Implement Redo
  • Optionally restrict the number of Undo steps for really large files
  • Randomize order of rows
  • Split and merge CSV files
  • Continue to improve user experience

Of course, future plans are subject to change and I expect to get additional feedback from my users that may be shifting my priorities.

Download Free
Version 1.6.0
requires Mac OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur (Intel/ARM64) or Monterey (Intel/ARM64)

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