The Tablecruncher Manifesto

CSV files are underrated. They’re used in countless scenarios and are the duct tape of fundamental workflows or convey important information. Yet, their role as crucial intermediaries is often overlooked.

CSV files are meant to be simple. Human readable yet easy to parse for computers, CSV files should be fun to work with. Applications trying to be smart sometimes interfere with the content. And they take away the control from you, the user.

CSV files demand privacy. When dealing with CSV files, the data may contain very sensible information. I believe that Zero-Knowledge is important for data tool providers in a world where information is crucial.

I promise, that Tablecruncher…

  • …will never change the contents of a file without your permission.
  • …will try its best to make dealing with CSV files as much fun as possible.
  • …will keep the data only on your computer.

Stefan Fischerländer
Owner of Tablecruncher



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