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Feb 5 2020


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Latest Release
29 Aug 2021

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Oct 19, 2017

Stefan Fischerländer
Asamstr. 23
94486 Osterhofen

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Tablecruncher is a lightweight, yet powerful CSV editor for macOS.

Tabular data is everywhere, and developers have to deal with sometimes very huge CSV data sets. But the Mac lacks an editor, that is capable of handling these CSV files in a fast and user-friendly way. Tablecruncher is the tool to open, edit, convert, export and save all kind of CSV files, no matter how large they are or what encoding they use.

Some of the key features:

  • Opens, edits and saves even multi-gigabyte files
  • Automatically guesses most CSV definitions and encodings
  • Uses Javascript as a macro language
  • Powerful Find and Replace dialog
  • Export table as a JSON file
  • Offers three well-designed themes

You can download a CSV test file with fake data to test Tablecruncher easily on your Mac.

Why a CSV editor?

With the rise of Machine Learning, AI and other data science disciplines, the need to exchange large data sets has grown a lot. While the use of CSV dates back to at least 1972, its usage is more common than ever. But not only data scientists have to deal with CSV files. Anyone who imports data into online shops, creates server independent backups of SQL databases or works with geographic information systems (GIS) will probably get in touch with comma separated files.

What makes Tablecruncher unique?

Tablecruncher is optimized to work with really large CSV files. Even files that are multiple gigabytes large can be opened, edited and saved. With its integrated Javascript interface, Tablecruncher offers experienced users the power of a full-blown programming language in a small and fast CSV editor.

The Story behind Tablecruncher

Having used a Mac since the days of the Mac Classic II, Stefan had to deal with large amounts of data in the various projects he worked on. He regularly was forced to resort to command line tricks with Perl or Python, but thought that on a Mac there should be a more simple and beautiful solution. So Stefan decided to write a small tool just for himself. After two years as an isolated project on his Mac, Tablecruncher was released as a free beta version in October 2017. Finally, after nine public beta releases and more than 10,000 downloads, Tablecruncher’s version 1.0 is available since Jun 28, 2019.

System Requirements

Runs on Mac OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur (Intel/ARM64) and Monterey (Intel/ARM64).


Tablecruncher is offered in two versions:

  • Viewer: free (saving, exporting and copying is disabled)
  • Pro: $29 (US), €29 (Europe), £29 (UK), CHF 29 (CH), $39 (CAN), $39 (AUS), ₹1990 (IN)

For details please visit the pricing page.


Application with fake data
(PNG, 1987x1289, 649KB)

Application in Dark Mode
(PNG, 1346x889, 386KB)

Application with Desktop
(PNG, 2560x1440, 4MB)

Application running on an iMac
(JPG, 4209x2796, 2.3MB)

Logo and Icon

Logo (PNG, 694x136, 18KB)

Icon (PNG, 1024x1024, 171KB)


Artwork: Themes (PNG, 2048x1536, 723KB)

Artwork: Themes without background (PNG, 2048x1536, 1MB)

Artwork: i,love,csv (PNG, 3017x2273, 986KB)

Artwork: 100% CSV (PNG, 1624x1249, 602KB)

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